The Vox NT50H-G2 Night Train 50 Amplifier
A Look "Under the Hood"

Vox introduced the NT50H-G2 (G2 stands for "second generation") Night Train 50 amp head in November 2013. It replaced the NT50H Night Train 50 amplifier introduced by Vox in 2011.

The NT50H-G2 Night Train 50 featured an all metal enclosure finished in glossy black paint. The removable, ventilated upper portion of the enclosure protected the tubes and fastened to the lower portion of the enclosure with ten phillips machine screws. The lower portion of the enclosure served as the chassis pan to contain the NT50H-G2 electronic circuitry. Silk screened control panel nomenclature embellished the front and rear portions of the chassis pan.

Circuit Board Construction
The NT50H-G2 Night Train amplifier was constructed on four printed circuit (PC) boards.

The diode rectified power supply, preamp and power amp circuitry were found on the main circuit board. It was the largest of the four circuit boards. The digital reverb circuit board was suspended over the end of the main circuit board near the guitar input. The digital reverb board appears to be the same as found in the Vox/Tony Bruno TB18C1 amplifier. A third circuit board supports the DI out jack. The speaker out put jacks were mounted to the fourth circuit board.

Circuit Design
The NT50H-G2 Night Train circuit featured an all tube audio path that included three 12AX7 preamp tubes and two EL34 output tubes. A few semiconductors were also used in the circuit.

The NT50H-G2 was designed by Vox Amplification in the UK. The rear panel of the amplifier indicated that the amp was built in China.


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