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Vox AC-10 Trapezoid Super Twin Reverb Amp Head
(AC10/T S) Serial 03223 RV
From the North Coast Music Amplifier Collection
***Sale pending***

I am offering this extremely rare and highly desirable trapezoid JMI Vox AC-10 head with reverb for sale from my personal amplifier collection. This was the very JMI Vox AC-10 head that was featured in the Vox Showroom.

This trapezoid Vox AC-10 amp head is in near mint condition with original vinyl, grill, piping, nameplate, model flag, vents, feet and handle. It includes the original "round top" four pin Amphenol brand mains jack, the original four pin AC "mains" cable and the original Amphenol "round top" three pin speaker jack. It also includes the original single button "egg" tremolo foot switch.

The amp was recently tech'ed and is loud and fully functional. The amp includes the original power and output transformers. The only electronic components that have been replaced are the four main filter caps (C5, C8, C11 and C22) and the three 25uf cathode bypass capacitors (C2, C13 and C20) in the preamp circuit. All of the original WIMA preamp coupling capacitors are intact and untouched. The tubes were also replaced at some point.

An upgraded three spring Accutronics style reverb system has replaced the original Vox "crystal phono cartridge style" single spring reverb pan. Aside from the reverb intensity pot being changed from 1k to 22k, all of the original AC10SRT circuitry remains unchanged and intact after this modification. The orginal Vox reverb pan is included with the amp should you prefer originality over tone and improved reverb performance

Price: $2999, firm. This price is non negotiable.

Shipping: I favor an in person customer pickup. Please email me with any additional questions or to make arrangements to audition and pick up the amp. As I own this amp personally, your payment will be accepted to my personal Paypal account.

If you are unable or unwilling to directly pick up the amp, I will be willing to email you a brief demonstration video of the amp taken by my iPhone. If you decide to purchase remotely, you will need to arrange and prepay shipping and insurance with the carrier of your choice. If you choose to ship the amp rather than pick it up in person, you are accepting all responsibility for damage to the amplifier in transit. Any issues that arise are between you and the shipper you choose. US purchasers only, please.

I will carefully double box the amplifier and offer the carton size and weight so you may arrange for pickup of the shipment. I will also be willing to provide photos of the amp in its shipping carton so you can view and approve the packaging of the amp.

UPDATE - 6/17/2020 - I have taken a deposit from a gentleman in Fayetteville AR who would like to purchase this amp. I am setting up a date for him to audition the amp, he now controls the first right of acceptance or refusal.

Gary Hahlbeck

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