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Vox UL705 Five-Watt All-Tube Guitar Amplifier - 1966 - SOLD

Vox UL705 Five-Watt, All-Tube Guitar Amplifier - 1966
Produced exclusively in 1966, the JMI Vox "UL Series" amplifiers were designed to replace the "AC Series" amps that had dominated the Vox product line since 1959. While the Vox "UL Series" was best known for 15, 30, 60 and 120 watt amp heads that featured solid state preamp modules combined with tube power amp sections, JMI also produced two hand wired, all tube UL models. The ten watt, all tube UL710 amplifier head and matching 2x10" extension cabinet was a replacement for the AC-10. The five watt, four tube UL705 combo amp was introduced to replace the Vox AC-4.

The 46 year old UL705 offered for sale on this page is one of the most original, unmodified "survivor" Vox amps I have ever owned. It features:
  • Original black Vox grill with age appropriate patina.
  • Original black basket weave vinyl in excellent condition.
  • Four tube circuit featuring two ECC83 preamp tubes, an EL84 output tube and an EZ80 rectifier tube
  • Volume, Bass, Treble, Tremolo Speed and Tremolo Depth controls.
  • Original one pin corners, original Vox handle, original metal vents and original Vox logo.
  • Original fuse holder, control knobs and indicator lamp assembly.
  • Original serial plate stamped with serial number #00161
  • Original Celestion 7721 10" 15 ohm speaker with a ceramic magnet.
  • Original power cable with a European "Type F" grounded plug end. I will include a non-grounding plug adaptor for you to test the amp but for proper grounding, I recommend you convert from the European "Type F" plug to the traditional "Type B" US type.
  • A hand wired factory chassis that appears to have all of the original electronic components and tubes.
  • Original single button foot switch (a portion of the ribbed rubber base on the bottom of the pedal case is missing)
  • Dimensions: 20.25" wide, 17.5" tall, 8.25" deep.


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