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Original Thomas Vox Four Button Foot Switch
Reconditioned to New Condition by North Coast Music

This original four button foot switch is suited for use only with the following specific solid-state Thomas Vox amplifiers, all of which have six pin foot switch receptacles:

            • V1121 Buckingham
            • V1123 Buckingham
            • V1131 Royal Guardsman
            • V1133 Royal Guardsman
            • V1141 Super Beatle
            • V1151 Viscount
            • V1153 Viscount
            • V1154 Viscount
This foot switch is NOT suited for Thomas Vox Pathfinder, Pacemaker, Cambridge Revcrb, Berkeley, Sovereign, Westminster, Scorpion, V1143 Beatle or Vox Series 90 amps, among others.

The original die cast aluminum foot switch case was sandblasted to remove all of the original finish and clean up any surface imperfections. The foot switch case then received three heavy coats of silver/grey Hammertone paint that matches the original factory finish. All four switch mechanisms were replaced with brand new, factory correct OEM Carling parts. The distortion, reverb and tremolo positions featured latching switches while the MRB utilized a momentary switch. A new, OEM correct red lamp assembly indicates when the distortion effect is engaged. The ~14 foot, six conductor cable and six pin DIN plug are also brand new.

I am offering this fully reconditioned original foot switch for $299 plus $18 UPS shipping and insurance to addresses inside the US. I am personally offering this foot switch from my private collection, your payment will be made to my personal PayPal account. Contact me at doctorvox@gmail.com if you have any further questions or wish to purchase this foot switch.

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