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Vox Amp Parts

Schematics for US Vox (Thomas Organ) Amplifiers

North Coast Music is happy to offer you the world's largest single collection of vintage Thomas Organ VOX schematics.

All schematics have been digitized at 600dpi at North Coast Music from original from first generation service copies and cleaned up as needed. Many feature corrections and clarifications from Doctor Vox himself. These are not merely zerox copies. You might find many Vox schematics available for free download in the net but they will probably not be the quality offered by North Coast Music.

Our schematics are sold as is, where is, and there are no returns or refunds. While North Coast Music has made every reasonable attempt to make every part and line readable on these schematics, they may be instances where this is not the case, as the originals were flawed.

Schematics are sent by mail only. We do not email or airmail schematics, sorry. Should the post office somehow misplace your schematic order, we will replace it at no charge to you. Replacements will be sent upon request only after 21 days have passed since order. Replacements will be sent by US First Class Mail.

  • V-5 Vox Student Amplifier Schematic
  • Pathfinder and Pacemaker Schematics
  • Cambridge Reverb, Berkeley, Scorpion and Viscount Amplifier Schematics
  • Buckingham, Royal Guardsman, Super Beatle and Beatle Amplifier Schematics
  • Essex, Westminster, Sovereign, and Kensington Bass Amps
  • V119 Churchill PA Head and V836 Booster Amp
  • Vox Organ Schematics
  • Vox Series 90 Amplifier Schematics
  • Vox Effects and Ampliphonic Octavoice I and II Schematics

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