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North Coast Music - UK Schematics - AC-30 1959 to Present

North Coast Music offers nineteen different schematics for the AC-30. As there have been at least this many variants of the AC-30 in the last thirty years, you will have to first ascertain which schematic you might need. I have tried to be a thorough as humanly possible in describing each AC-30 model and hope you can choose the appropriate schematic you need.

Please do not ask me to choose the right schematic for your amp, you will need to do this yourself from the information I have provided here. Additionally, serial numbers are not helpful in determining which schematic you need. Please do not send me your serial number or photos of your amp, I cannot pick the right one for you.


  • OS/007 - JMI AC-30 amp No. 2 (prinitive AC-30 with EL34 output section, no EL-84s)
  • A/026 - JMI AC-30 Normal - 4 Input

  • OA/030 - JMI AC-30 (prinitive AC-30 with EL34 output section, no EL-84s)

  • OA/032 - JMI AC-30/4 4 input AC-30, "Normal Type Model," w/EF86 preamp tube
  • OS/056 - JMI AC-30 Treble - 6 input Treble model

  • OS/057 - JMI AC-30 Bass - 6 input Bass model

  • OS/065 - JMI AC-30 Normal - 6 input AC-30 "Normal"

  • OS/065+OS/010 - JMI AC-30 Top Boost Amplifier - Six Input (two schematics - O/S-065 plus 0/S-010)

  • AC-30VSL - (VSL)1978 AC-30 with Reverb

  • DAAC-30SS - Dallas Arbiter era all transistorized AC-30 amp, mid 1970s.

  • RMAC30MV - Rose Morris Mid 80s AC-30 Master Volume and Direct In

  • RMAC30TBR - Rose Morris early 90s AC-30 with reverb

  • AC-30RM84 - Rose Morris AC-30 1984 model

  • AC-30RM86 - Rose Morris AC-30 1986 revision

  • DA-AC30TB - Dallas Arbiter (1972-78 era) AC-30 top boost

  • RM-AC30TB/LE - Rose Morris AC30TB "Limited Edition"

  • RM-AC30TB/SJ - Rose Morris AC-30 Silver Jubilee
  • AC-30K - VOX AC-30/KORG reissue (1994 to 2003, made in the UK)

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