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Vox Amp Parts

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Vox AC2RV RhythmVox Mini Battery Powered Amp for Guitar


AC2RV Specifications
  • Number of Rhythm Patterns: 81
  • Amp Section Controls: Gain knob, Tone knob, Volume knob, Mode switch, FX controls
  • Connections: INPUT jack; AUX IN jack; HEADPHONE OUT jack
  • Output Power: Maximum approx. 2W, RMS stereo (one watt per channel)
  • Speakers: VOX Original 3-inch, 4 Ohms x 2
  • Power Source: 6 x AA batteries or optional AC adapter (DC 9V)
  • Battery Life: Max. ~20 hours (alkaline batteries)
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 170 x 67 x 128mm/6.8 x 2.6 x 5.0 inches
  • Weight: 508g/17.9oz (not including batteries)

* Appearance and specifications of this product are subject to change without notice.

VOX AC2RV RhythmVox Mini Amp with Digital Effects and Rhythm Patterns
  • The Vox AC2RV RhythmVox battery-powered mini amp includes 81 rhythm patterns
  • Two watt stereo power amplifier (one watt per channel) drives two 3" speakers
  • MODE switch selects between CLEAN, CRUNCH and LEAD tonalities
  • Digital effects include CHORUS, ECHO and REVERB
  • AUX IN jack for jamming along to your favorite tunes using your CD/MP3 player
  • Accurate and convenient, built-in E-STRING TUNER
  • Six AA alkaline batteries allow up to 20 hours of playing
  • Headphone jack lets you concentrate on your playing, without disturbing those around you

Powerful Rhythm Features
Boosting an unexpected level of quality for its class, the AC2RV rhythm generator will further enhance your playing. Going beyond the 66 rhythm patterms of the Vox AC1RV, the new AC2RV RhythmVox provides a total of 81 rhythm patterns (9 genres x 9 patterns), all of which were newly programmed for this amp. This rich assortment of on-board rhythm patterns lays emphasis on the classic standard drum beats that will be most useful.

Two Watt Stereo Amplifier
Although the AC2RV Rhythm Vox is an extremely compact mini amp, it will surprise you with a realistic performance that will exceed your expectations. The output of the AC2RV has been increased to 2 watts RMS, further enhancing the amp's sound quality. A pair of 3" Vox original speakers project a powerful stereo image.

Packed with Extras
A three position "MODE" switch toggles between "clean," "crunch," and "lead" tones. Three types of digital effects are also included: chorus, echo and reverb. A dedicated E-string tuner keeps you in tune at all times. Use the headphone jack for private practice at any hour. Connect your MP3 player or other external audio source to the AUX IN jack and jam along with songs from your favorite band. Convenient battery power lets you enjoy all these features, any time, any place.

We are sorry but the Vox AC2RV is sold out and no longer produced by Vox.

Official Vox AC2RV promotional video clip, used by permission of Vox Amplification

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