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Vox AC-15HW1 Hand Wired AC-15 with one 12" Celestion Blue Alnico Speaker

"The new HandWired VOX is in a different league. There’s palpably more headroom, touch sensitivity and dynamics: all of the things that classic minded ‘feel’ players get misty eyed about. Like kids watching fireworks, there are uncontrollable oohs and ahhs from the amp buffs as you open the rear panel. Beautiful livery on the outside, and meticulous hand-wiring on the inside.

....these are the best sounding post-sixties AC15s and AC30s amps yet."

Guitarist Magazine, December 2010 (UK guitar publication)

Vox AC30CC2
Vox AC-15HW1 Hand Wired Combo Amp with one Celestion UK Alnico Blue 12" speaker

Meticulous hand wiring in the AC30HW2

Rear View: Vox AC15HW1

Celestion Blue Alnico Speaker
Installed by North Coast Music

VFS 1 Foot Switch

The AC15HW1 features point to point hand wired construction throughout. There are no copper circuit traces interconnecting electrical components. Please view the chassis pictures near the top of this web page to view the meticulous and tidy construction techniques used in manufacturing this amplifier.

The AC15HW1 is a two channel amp. Channel one is the "Normal" channel with two inputs and a "Bright" switch. Channel two is the "Top Boost" channel with two inputs, volume, treble, and bass controls, and a "Hot/Cool" (gain boost) switch. This gain boost may also be remotely actuated using the included single button VFS-1 foot switch. This amp does not have tremolo or reverb.

The birch plywood cabinet is covered in a modern version of the fawn vinyl used by Vox from 1960 through 1963.


  • Fitted with matched Ruby Tubes for extended dynamic range
  • Three 12AX7 preamps tubes, two EL84 power tubes, one EZ81 tube recifier
  • Two channel design, Top Boost and Normal channels
  • Bright switch on Normal channel for increased brilliance
  • Hot/Cool switch on Top Boost channel for increased foot switchable gain
  • Master Volume Control bypass switch
  • OP mode switch cuts the output power level of the amp from 15 to 7.5 watts.

VOX AC15HW1 - Blue Alnico Amp Specs

Dimensions (W x D x H): 24 x 10.43 x 21.89 inches
Weight: 49 lbs.
Output Power: 15 Watts RMS into 16 Ohms, manually switchable to 7.5 watts at 16 ohms
Speaker: 1 x 12" 16 ohm Celestion Blue Alnico speaker, made in the UK and installed by North Coast Music
Inputs: Normal input jack x 2 (high and low), Top Boost input jack x 2 (high and low), foot switch jack
Outputs: External loudspeaker jack, Extension loudspeaker jack
Switches: Bright switch (normal channel), Hot/Cool switch (Top Boost channel), OP Mode switch (switches between full and one half output power), inpedance selector (8 or 16 ohms), power switch, and optional single button foot switch
Cabinet: Birch plywood covered in fawn vinyl
Included Accessories: Single button footswitch and cover
Origin of Manufacture: Vietnam

Vox AC-15HW1 Hand Wired Combo Amp, fawn vinyl, brown Vox grill, with one Celestion Alnico Blue speaker installed by North Coast Music

Retail Price: $2099.00 USD
Our Price: $1499.00 USD
Continental US Shipping: Free Shipping
Part #: AC15HW1


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Why buy your new Vox AC15HW1 Amplifier from North Coast Music?
  • Free shipping within the continental United States
  • Have you heard about shipping horror stories from other stores? We overpack every AC15HW1 ampliifier prior to shipment over and above the manufacturer's packaging.
  • We charge no state sales tax on amps shipped outside of WI
  • No loose grill cloth or rips in vinyl.
  • Every AC15HW1 bench tested and burned in for twenty four hours prior to shipment to help eliminate potential "infant mortalities." Specifically, this test is performed in six stages, each four hours long, to further simulate real world usage.
  • Tubes that are microphonic are replaced before shipment
  • Every amp performance tested for proper operation and inspected for perfect cosmetics at North Coast before shipment, defective units rejected, who else does that?
  • We do all in our power to deliver you a perfect amp, not just ship you an unopened and untested factory box, as most others do

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