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Vox Amp Parts

Baltic Birch Combo Cabs for the AC30CC2 and AC-30CC2X by North Coast Music

Vox AC30C2

Remove the chassis and speakers from your AC30CC2 or AC-30CC2X combo amp and reinstall them into this accurate representation of an early sixties Vox AC-30 cabinet.

Our AC30CC2 cabinet is constructed from 3/4" baltic birch, features half lap joinery, is covered in either 1990 Rose Morris "fawn" reissue vinhyde or traditional black basket weave Vox vinyl. Your choice of brown ot black Vox diamond fretcloth.

Your AC-30CC2 or AC30CC2X era chassis will slide into these cabinets perfectly. You will need to reuse the original slider board from your AC30CC2 or CC2X. For this reason, you cannot install the chassis from an AC30CC1 or an AC30CCH head into this cabinet. AC30CC2 slider boards are not included or available at North Coast.

Please note that this cabinet will not accept an AC30C2 chassis.

Three handles and three black plastic vents are also included. Cabinets covered in black basket weave vinyl will have eight plastic corners.

Vox AC30CC2 13 Ply Baltic Birch Combo Cabinet Amp Cabinet by North Coast Music - This hand made baltic birch plywood enclosure is built by North Coast Music. Sales final, no returns, exchanges or refunds.

Price: $429.99 USD
Continental US Shipping: $49
Part #: AC30CC2-cab

Select your vinyl color here:
Black Basket Weave Vinyl
Fawn Vinyl

Select your grill color here:
Brown Vox diamond grill
Black Vox diamond grill

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