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Vox Super Beatle Cabinets by North Coast Music - Discontinued

The Super Beatle speaker cabinet will no longer be offered by North Coast Music. However, North Coast still has three of the very similar Vox AC-100 speaker enclosures available. The AC-100 cabinet is essentially the same size as a Super Beatle cabinet but is constructed from baltic birch plywood rather than particle board. The AC100 is covered in basket weave vinyl, has black Vox grill and a UK style badge.

AC-100 Cabinet, less trolley. Speakers not included.

AC-100 Speaker Cabinet, no speakers, no stand Includes correct nameplate, one pin corners, basket weave vinyl with gold string trim, Vox black grill cloth with white piping. All baltic birch construction featuring lap joints and bolted baffle and back. Brass back screws and finish washers. Accomodates four 12" spealers and two Midax horns, all speaker mounting hardware included. A three pin male original style XLR speaker jack with 20" twin wire speaker lead is included.

Dimensions: 40" tall, 27.25" wide, 11.5" deep, less hardware and stand. About 75 pounds less speakers. Only available to addresses in the Continental United States.

This reissue AC-100 cab is authorized and licensed by Vox Amplification, Milton Keynes UK.

This item will ship in two business days or less.

Price: $499.99
CONUS Shipping: $149

Replacement Amp Head Cabinets (no electronics included) for 1960's era Thomas Vox Super Beatle/Beatle amp heads

Do you have a Beatle/Super Beatle, Royal Guardsman, Buckingham, Westminster, or a Sovereign amp head in a beat up cabinet? This is just the thing to fix those "recover my amp" blues.

These amp head cabs, manufactured by North Coast Music, will make your old Thomas amp head look just like brand new. If you add up the current parts costs to replace the vinyl, grill, beadings, nameplates, handles, corners, and vents on your old head cab, you will find that there are almost $270 in parts before you start. For not very much more, you can have a completely new head cabinet.

Constructed of 13 ply baltic birch plywood, these new amp head cabs are lightweight and far more durable than their original counterparts. The cabinetry features the same lock joints and dado construction as used by Thomas Organ when they manufactured these cabinets in the 1960s.

North Coast Music worked to get all the details right. The amp head cabs feature six plastic injection molded vents made especially for this project that are 100% authentic to the originals. The heads also feature our NCM-030 Vox horizontal nameplate and a "solid state" (our part NCM-112) logo with gold plated letters on the lower right cormer of the front panel. One pin corners are used throughout. A 1/4" 20 tee nut is installed in the inside bottom of the amp head to receive the wing bolt and "head to trolley" security bracket shown below. An NCM-103 "Thomas Vox" handle with brass handle loops is also included.

Every mounting hole is predrilled, and every hardware detail has been addressed so that the exchange of the electronics from your old cab to the new cab will be fast and easy.

North Coast Music is not providing a replacement head cabinet for the Berkeley series of amps, sorry. Additionally, a Berkeley chassis will not fit into this head enclosure.

Outside dimensions: About 27" wide x 10" tall x 10.5" deep including hardware and feet. Inside dimensions: about 24" x 7.5" x 9.5."

In stock for immediate shipment.

Trapezoid Head Cabinet for Super Beatle, Beatle, Royal Guardsman, Buckingham, Sovereign and Westminster Amplifiers
Price: $379.99 USD each
Continental US Shipping: $39 USD
Part #: NCM-054

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