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Vox AD120VTX AC-30 Style Baltic Birch Plywood Replacement Cabinet by North Coast Music

Install your AD120VTX chassis and speakers into this North Coast Music AC-30 style enclosure Check out the brown Vox grill and brass vents! (AD120VTX amp chassis and speakers not included)

Would you like your Valvetronix AD120VTX to look just like an AC-30? Do you hate that blue, non removable Valvetronix grill Vox grill cloth? Here's the ticket!

North Coast Music has designed a replacement cabinet for the AD120VTX combo amplifier that will combine with your AD120VTX amplifier chassis and speakers to make an authentic looking reproduction of a 1964 JMI AC-30 combo.

The original, 1960s era JMI era Vox AC-30 ampifiers had cabinets contructed from 13 ply baltic birch plywood. Our special AC-30 style enclosure, handmade by our own "Doctor Vox" for the AD120VTX, is manufactured using these same materials. The use of these materials contribute to the recreation of the true Vox vintage tone.

The cabinet features half lap joinery and is covered in traditional black basket weave pattern vinyl and brown diamond grill cloth. Like an original AC-30 combo, the baffle is bolted to the cabinet with eight bolts and two screws, and is removable.

North Coast Music added the unique feature of a removable center back panel, which will allow your AD120VTX to have an open or closed back.

Continental US sales only.

Price: $429.99 USD each
Continental US Shipping: $49 USD each
Part #: NCM-126VTX

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