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Vox Amp Parts

AC-50 Mk III and Mk IV "Tall Box" Head Cabinet by North Coast Music
AC-50 "Big Box" Speaker Cabinet by North Coast Music

When Vox introduced the AC-50 amp head in late 1963, it lacked the treble of their popular AC-15 and AC-30 models. The engineers at Vox determined that adding a mid range horn to the AC-50 speaker cabinet was the most practical solution to this lack of high end response.

Unfortunately, Vox didn't have much time to thoughtfully design a new guitar cabinet for the AC-50 head. The pressure to supply AC-50 amps and cabinets to the Beatles in late 1963 forced Vox to add a Goodmans Midax horn to a slightly modified AC-30 speaker enclosure. The slender proportions of the AC-30 cabinet required the magnet of the Goodmans Midax horn to awkwardly protrude through a hole in the rear panel. Vox decided that they would take care of the Beatles needs first and design a "proper" AC-50 cabinet later. There is no evidence to support that the early AC-50 "Small Box" speaker cabinets supplied to the Beatles were ever offered to the public.

By August 1964, a new guitar enclosure for the AC-50 was ready for the market. The new AC-50 "Big Box" enclosure included two 25 watt 12" Fane speakers and one Goodmans Midax horn. The larger size of the enclosure (~33" x ~22" x ~11") allowed the magnet of the Midax horn to be fully enclosed inside the cabinet.

Like the originals, the Vox AC-50 "Big Box" cabinet by North Coast Music is constructed from 3/4" 13 ply baltic birch plywood, including the baffle board. The original JMI Vox cabinets had particle board baffles. The cabinet is covered in traditional black basket weave pattern vinyl and black Vox diamond grill cloth. Eight one pin corners, half lap joinery, one NCM-074 handle, a three pin speaker jack and all speaker mounting hardware are included. It weighs approximately 50 pounds less speakers.

NCM-163TS - AC-50 "Big Box" Speaker Cabinet
With Swivel Trolley and Speakers
Vox AC-50 "Big Box" Speaker Enclosure by North Coast Music with swivel stand, no speakers - Ships by Fed Ex in two cartons for the enclosure and trolley. Requires installation of trolley (takes about five minutes). All holes are predrilled and all fasteners are included. Continental US sales only.

This item will ship in two business days or less.

Price: $875
Shipping: $100
Part #: NCM-163T

Click here to purchase an AC50 "Big Box" with trolley, no speakers, from the North  Coast Music Reverb store

NCM-050 "Tall Box" AC-50 Head Cabinet

AC-50 Mk III and Mk IV "Tall Box" Amp Head Cabinet by North Coast Music - An extremely accurate replica of the "tall box" AC-50 head cabinet produced by JMI Vox from 1965 through 1969. Designed to fit any JMI two channel, gray panel AC-50 amp chassis and slider board.

Constructed of 13 ply baltic birch plywood and covered in original style basket weave vinyl, this cabinet will make your old, beat up AC-50 "tall box" amp look like brand new. The cabinet features locking half-lap joints, eight one pin corners, a "small" Vox logo, reissue black Vox grill, one NCM-074 handle with a raised diamond pattern. The rear panel is fastened with to the cabinet with four 10-32 brass oval head machine screws that thread into steel back screw inserts. Four feet with mounting screws are provided but not installed, allowing you to choose the proper location for your application.

Slider rails are mounted to the left and right inside panels to accept your original JMI chassis slider board. North Coast Music also offers replacement slider boards at an extra cost option.

Outside Dimensions: ~21½" W, ~9½" H, ~10¾" D
Inside Dimensions, Less Internal Strips: ~20" W, ~8" H, ~9½"
Control Panel Cutout: ~15⅞" x ~3."

Also available for a slight additional cost is the aluminum vent grill used on the inside top of the cabinet. You may also choose to reuse the grill from your old cabinet.

Price: $299.99
Shipping: $35
Part #: NCM-050

This item will ship in two business days or less.

Click here to purchase an AC50 "Big Box" head cabinet from the North Coast Music Reverb store

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