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Vox Amp Parts


Vox AC1RV Battery Operated Mini Amplifier PLUS North Coast Music exclusive mini amp stand - CLOSEOUT, Sales Final

Retail Price: $129.00 USD
Our Price: $59.99 USD (including mini stand)
Continental US Shipping: $8.99
Part #: AC1RV-std

AC30HWH Head Cabinet only (no electronics or speakers) - This offering is for the birch plywood combo cabinet (no electronics or speakers) from a new Vox AC30HWH amplifier head. This cabinet will allow you to easily install your AC30HW2 or AC30HW2X amp chassis into a separate head cabinet.

I occasionally offer these head enclosures because I have sold the chassis from the amp in one of my custom North Coast Music AC30HWH 1964 style enclosures. Here is what you will receive:
  • AC30HWH Head Cabinet Dimensions: ~27 1/2" x ~10 1/4" x 10.5"
  • Cabinet factory covered in fawn vinyl
  • Brown Vox diamond grill cloth
  • One creme color Vox handle
  • Five creme color vents
  • No amplifier chassis or chassis mounting screws
  • No back screws
  • Four feet
  • Vox nameplate
Control panel hole on top of amp specifically sized for the AC30HW amp control panel size, ~20" x ~3 3/8". The back panel is 3/4" thick, so the actual control panel area is ~20" x ~2 5/8." Does not accommodate any AC-30 chassis but the AC30HW2, AC30HW2X and AC30HWH. Does not fit any other model AC-30 or AC-15 chassis produced by Vox from 1959 through 2016, including the AC15HW1 and AC15HW1X.

Sale final, no returns. US sales only

Price: $199.99 USD each
Continental US Shipping: $38.00

Click here to purchase this empty AC30HWH cabinet from our Reverb store

Vox AC15HW1-V64 Combo Cabinet by North Coast Music - Cabinet only, no electronics or speakers - The Vox AC15HW1 is one of the finest hand wired amps produced by Vox since the 1960s. Many of our customers have told us that they love the amplifier but they are not fond of the fawn vinyl Vox used to cover the cabinet. Some have indicated that they would prefer the amp in "1964 cosmetics," black basket weave vinyl and black diamond Vox grill.

We decided to address these concerns by offering a replacement cabinet built by North Coast Music for the AC15HW1. Our "AC15HW1-V64" cabinet is hand made at North Coast Music from 3/4" 13 ply baltic birch and features locking half lap joints, original style basket weave vinyl, black Vox diamond grill, Vox corners, two vents and a diamond pattern strap handle. No amplifier electronics or speaker are included with the replacement AC15HW1-V64 cabinet.

After you receive the cabinet, you would transfer the chassis, chassis screws and bolts, speaker, and back screws from a new or used AC15HW1 amplifier to the new AC15HW1-V64 cabinet from North Coast Music. All mounting holes are predrilled and speaker mounting hardware is included. If you do not feel qualified to exchange the chassis and speakers, you might ask a local amp tech to assist.

This AC15CHW1-V64 does not accommodate any other Vox amp chassis than the AC15HW1. No other current and vintage AC-15 or AC-30 model built since 1960 will fit in this cabinet. Only the AC15HW1 chassis will fit in this cabinet.


Price: $399.99 USD each
Continental US Shipping: $60.00

Part #: AC15HW1-V64_cab_only

Click here to purchase this AC15HW1-V64 cab from our Reverb store

Vox V212C (AC-30 2x12") Speaker Cabinet only (no speakers) - This offering is for a new from the factory Vox V212C extension speaker less speakers. North Coast Music removed the factory installed Celestion Greenback speakers to sell separately. The cabinet is constructed of medium density fiberboard and it is new and first quality.

Here is what you will receive:
  • Vox V212C Dimensions: ~27 1/2" x ~21" x 10.5"
  • MDF Cabinet covered in black basket weave vinyl
  • Brown Vox diamond grill cloth
  • Two NCM-074 handles with diamond pattern
  • No speakers
  • Mounting hardware for two 12" speakers
  • Two piece open back with a single 1/4" jack and wiring harness
  • Four feet
  • Vox nameplate


Sale final, no returns.

Price: $249.99 USD each
Continental US Shipping: $55.00 USD each
Part #: V212C_cab_only

Click here to purchase an empty V212C enclosure from our Reverb store

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