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North Coast Music - Genuine Hofner Replacement Parts

North Coast presents the entire catalog of replacement parts currently offered by Hofner for the "Beatle" basses.
Genuine Hofner Spare Parts for Hofner Beatle Basses
  • Genuine Hofner Beatle Bass Pickups
  • Genuine Hofner Plastic and Pearloid Trim Parts
  • Genuine Hofner Bridges, Tailpieces, and Nuts
  • Genuine Hofner Volume Pots and Switches
  • Genuine Hofner Truss Rod Adjusting Wrenches
  • Genuine Hofner Decals and Logos
  • Genuine Hofner Tuner Keys
  • Genuine Hofner "Beatle Bass" Guitar Straps
  • Genuine Hofner Conventional Leather Guitar Straps

    Genuine Hofner Beatle Bass Cases
  • Genuine Hofner Bass Cases
  • 1962 Hofner Bass

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