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Vox Amp Parts

Spare Parts for Hofner Beatle Basses
North Coast presents the entire catalog of replacement parts currently offered by Hofner for the "Beatle" basses.

Genuine Hofner Spare Parts for German Made Hofner Beatle Basses
  • Genuine Hofner Beatle Bass Pickups
  • Genuine Hofner Plastic and Pearloid Trim Parts
  • Genuine Hofner Bridges, Tailpieces, and Nuts
  • Genuine Hofner Volume Pots and Switches
  • Genuine Hofner Truss Rod Adjusting Wrenches
  • Genuine Hofner Decals and Logos - Sold out and discontinued
  • Genuine Hofner Tuner Keys
  • Genuine Hofner "Beatle Bass" Guitar Straps

    Genuine Hofner Spare Parts for Hofner Contemporary (CT) Basses
  • Genuine Hofner Contemporary Beatle and Club Bass Parts

    Genuine Hofner Beatle Bass Cases
  • Genuine Hofner Bass Cases
  • 1962 Hofner Bass

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