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Vox Amp Parts

Genuine Hofner Logo Decals
H65/40 Large Paper Decal

H65/40 Genuine Hofner Large Hofner Logo Paper Decal - This is the decal used on the headstock of Hofner basses. It is about 2" wide and 1" tall. This is a genuine Hofner part, not an imitation, as often sold by others.

I only have a few of these "new old stock" decals to offer, I only recently discovered these were in my inventory. Hofner no longer offers this decal due to trademark concerns.

This is a "water transfer" decal. You dip the sticker into a dish of water to soften the adhesive, then slide the Hofner logo transfer onto the headstock of your guitar.

LIMIT OF ONE PER CUSTOMER - No eBay resellers on this part, please.

Price: $39.95 USD each
Continental US Shipping: $1.25 USD each
Alaska, Hawaii and International Shipping Quotes: CLICK HERE
Part #: NCM-227
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H65/42 Raised Plastic Logo

H65/42 Genuine Hofner Raised Plastic Logo - This is the raised logo used on Beatle basses from the mid to later 1960s through the early eighties. It has three mounting pins that fit into holes that were driulled into your headstock at Hofner. It is about 2" wide and 1" tall.

This logo has now been discontinued by Hofner, and North Coast Music bought the entire remaining supply.


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