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Hofner Basses - Hofner HCT-500/1-CVSB Contemporary Series Violin "Cavern" Bass

Specifications and Feature Comparison Table For All Hofner Basses

The German Beatle Bass Hofner parts pictured below do not fit on the Hofner Contemporary Beatle Bass.
Hofner Bass Flatwound Strings The German Hofner Pick Guard does NOT fit the Contempoary.
The German Hofner control panel does NOT fit the Contemporary.
The German Hofner tuners (V62 strip or V63 individual style) do NOT fit the Contemporary.

How Does the Hofner Contemporary Series Beatle Bass differ from the Hofner Ignition Series Beatle Bass?

Both the Icon and Contemporary Basses are made in China. Both use tuners, pick guards, control panels, input jacks, switches, and knobs sourced in either China or Korea. The Icon has Chinese pickups and pickup rings built to Hofner specifications. The bodies and necks on either bass are built in China. Both basses have a polyurethane fiish, but the finish on the Icon is slightly less yellow in the center, and modeled after the color of the finish of a 1961 Hofner bass. A primary difference is that the Contemporary Beatle Bass has a solid sound block in the middle of the body and Hofner staple pickups, while the Icon Beatle Bass does not. German made Hofner Beatle Basses do not have this sound block, as well. This sound block changes the tone of the Contemporary Beatle Bass so that it sounds a bit more like a solid body bass. The Contemporary Series basses are about twice as expensive than the Icon Series basses.

Neither the Contemporary or the Icon will have the general quality or tone you would come to expect of the German made Hofner Beatle Basses. As an example, the German basses have pickguards and control panels made of solid perloid material. The Icon and Contemporary basses have control panels made of white plastic with a thin plastic photo applique that looks like perloid. This lamination can tend to peel a little bit in the sharp corners.

While very nice produucts, one can only expect standard Chinese type quality on either. You "get what you pay for."

Paul McCartney's first Hofner violin bass had two closely spaced "Diamond" pickups and a flat back. Often called the "Cavern Bass" after Paul's days playing clubs in Liverpool, this model has been faithfully recreated as the Hofner V61 resissue bass. Unfortunately, the V61 Cavern Bass retails for about $4100, putting it out of reach of many players.

Hofner has now added the HCT-500/1-CVSB "Cavern" style bass to their popularly priced Contemporary Series line.

I know that many of you are anxious to hear how this new Contemporary Series bass compares to German produced Hofner V61 "Cavern" German basses, so please read the following carefully to understand the differences.

Before I proceed, please understand that the Hofner V61 Cavern bass is hand made in Germany by Hofner, but Hofner Contemporary Cavern Violin Bass is produced in China.

The HCT-500/1-CVSB Contemporary Cavern Bass includes genuine Hofner H510B Hofner Bass "Diamond" pickups and surrounds - the same pickup and pickup spacing as found on the German made Hofner V61 "Cavern" Beatle basses. The bridge, pickguard, and tuners installed on the Contemporary Cavern Beatle bass are made in China, but are very close in function to the V61 German made Beatle Bass components.

The German made V61 has a "flat" back, the CT Cavern bass has an arched back.

German made Hofner Beatle basses all have a "zero" fret, as does the Contemporary bass. The Hofner Contemporary Cavern Bass neck has no binding and no edge fret markers.

German made Hofner V61 basses both have a cantilevered neck extension that rises away from the body to allow the genuine "Hofner Beatle Bass guitar strap" to be used. The Contemporary bass has this same cantilvered neck extension.

The Contemporary Series Beatle bass has a spruce plywood top and a maple plywood back. The German produced V61 "Cavern bass" has a premium German spruce top and German premium maple back.

The Contemporary Cavern Bass has a solid block that runs thorough the inside of the body under the pickup area. The German made basses do not have this sound block. This sound block tends to increase the string sustain on the Contemporary Series Bass.

The Contemporary Series Bass has round wound strings. North Coast Music can offer you the flat wound Hofner strings, but we do not install these prior to shipment.

The Contemporary Series Cavern Beatle Bass plus a genuine Hofner hard shell case is selling for a discount price of $879 including all of the following services:

  • Thorough inspection for quality, along with neck relief, action, and intonation adjustments so you can expect your Contemporary Bass to in the upper end of quality for the model
  • Over boxing done at North Coast Music for superb protection in shipping. Ask any other online store if they will take the time or expense to do this for you.
  • North Coast Music will install two genuine Hofner "tea cup" knobs for just an addtional $20
  • free Fed Ex surface shipping and insurance to addresses in the continental US.

  • Hofner Contemporary Series Cavern Bass, sunburst finish, RIGHT HANDED, with a genuine Hofner hard shell case

    US sales only.

    Retail Price: $1249.00 USD each
    Our Discount Price: $879.00 USD each
    Continental US Over Boxed Fed Ex Ground Shipping: FREE
    Alaska, Hawaii and International Shipping: CLICK HERE
    Part #: CTCAVBBRH
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    Only two in Stock

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    Hofner Contemporary Series Beatle Bass, sunburst finish, RIGHT HANDED, with genuine Hofner "tea cup" knobs installed at NCM and a genuine Hofner hard shell case

    US sales only.

    Retail Price: $1289.00 USD each
    Our Discount Price: $899.00 USD each
    Continental US Over Boxed Fed Ex Ground Shipping: FREE
    Alaska, Hawaii and International Shipping: CLICK HERE
    Part #:
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    Only two in stock

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    Hofner 60s Style Guitar Strap for Beatle Basses

    1. Remove original plastic strap button from bass.

    2. Install small, folded leather strap with "D" ring in its place. The "dog clip" end of the strap attaches to the "D" ring. See center photo at right.

    3. Pass other end of strap under the neck pocket

    4. Use slender leather lace to affix the strap end to the strap. See lower photo at right.

    Hofner 60s Style Guitar Strap for Beatle Basses - North Coast Music is the only US retailer that offers the genuine German made (not the Chinese version sold by all others) Hofner reissue of the strap originally used by Paul McCartney on his Hofner Violin Bass with the Beatles. This is an important detail to making your Beatle bass rig correct.

    The strap is made of dark, chocolate brown leather, and includes a "dog clip" on one end of the strap (as Paul's did). One may either clip this dog clip to the tailpiece of the guitar, or to a short leather straplet (included) that replaces your strap button near the bridge. The straplet has a metal "D" ring to accept the dog clip.

    Use this with any German made Hofner Beatle bass or the Hofner Contemporary Series Beatle Bass. This strap does not work with the Hofner Icon Series basses due to the way the neck attaches to the body.

    Price: $49.99 USD each
    Prioroty Mail US Shipping: $7.00 USD each
    Alaska, Hawaii and International Shipping Quotes: CLICK HERE
    Part #: NCM-205
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    Hofner Bass Flatwound Strings

    Hofner Bass Flat Wound Strings - Custom manufactured for Hofner by a legendary German string manufacturer, these flatwound strings will restore the original tone to your Hofner Beatle Bass. This is the string set that comes installed on all new German made V62, V63, Deluxe, and Club Basses. The gauges of the strings are:

    G - .040
    D - .055
    A - .070
    E - .100

    The .100 E string, which is slightly lighter than a .105 provided by others, allows for greater ease in playing.

    These strings are designed for short scale basses (30 inch scale) such as the Hofner Beatle Bass, and are not long enough for full scale basses. These strings may be used on the Hofner Icon and Contemporary Series Beatle Basses.

    There are no warranties, exchanges, or returns on string sales. We do not offer replacements for strings that break either prematurely or upon installation, nor do we provide replacements for tonal issues. All strings sets are new but sold "as is."

    Retail Price: $120.00 USD each
    Price: $71.95 USD each
    Shipping by US First Class Mail (US addresses only): $3.95 USD each
    International Shipping Quotes: CLICK HERE
    Part #: NCM-249
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