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Gallery Photos of H64/VB Ignition Beatle Basses In Stock on

If you were wishing to buy a Hofner Beatle bass, but not willing or do not have the funds available to purchase the Hofner Beatle Basses produced in Germany (or purchase an inaccurate replica), the Hofner Ignition Series Beatle bass may just be the ticket for you. It has all the style and appeal of the traditional German Hofner Beatle at a fraction of the price.

I know that many of you are anxious to hear how the Ignition Series bass compares to the Hofner V64 or V62 German produced basses, so please read the following carefully to understand the differences.

Before I proceed, please understand that the Hofner V62, V64, Deluxe, and Cavern basses are hand made in Germany by Hofner, but the Hofner Ignition bass is totally produced in the Orient.

The Hofner Ignition bass does not have any German Beatle bass hardware. The bridge, tailpiece, tuners, pickups, switches, pots, pickguard, and pick up surrounds are all of Chinese or Korean origin.

The German made Hofner Beatle basses all have a "zero" fret, but the Icon series bass does not.

The Ignition series Beatle bass has a spruce plywood top and a maple plywood back. The German produced V62, V64, Deluxe, and Cavern basses all feature premium German spruce tops and German premium maple backs.

The Ignition Series Beatle Bass plus a genuine Hofner hard shell case includes all of these following services from North Coast Music:

  • Thorough inspection for quality, along with neck relief, action, and intonation adjustments all performed at North Coast Music prior to shipping so you can expect your Ignition Beatle Bass to in the upper end of quality for the model
  • Detailed gallery photos of the front and rear of each Ignition Beatle Bass in stock so that you can choose the bass that is right for you.
  • Factory fresh inventory, no store display models
  • Over boxing in brand new cartons at North Coast Music for superb protection in shipping.
  • North Coast Music will exchange the factory installed control knobs with two vintage style "tea cup" knobs for just an addtional $20
  • Free Fed Ex surface shipping and insurance to addresses in the continental US.
  • 48 hour inspection period allows you to carefully evaluate your purchase. You will receive a full refund for the guitar, less freight costs, if you are not satisfied.

Hofner H64/VB Ignition Series Beatle Bass - Serial # 02502-0090

US sales only.

Retail Price, with hard shell case: $679.99 USD each
Discount Price: $449.99 USD each
FREE SHIPPING to addresses in the Continental USA
Part #: IGN
Order Quantity: Add To Order

Hofner H64/VB Ignition Series Beatle Bass with Case and Optional Tea Cup Knob exchange, Serial #05202-0090TCK - Just $20 more!

US sales only.

Retail Price, with hard shell case: $709.00 USD each
Discount Price: $469.99 USD each
FREE SHIPPING to addresses in the Continental USA
Part #: IGNBB-05202-0090TCK
Order Quantity: Add To Order

Included with the purchase of this new Hofner Ignition Beatle Bass at North Coast Music is this highly collectible Paul McCartney poster from his 2002 "Driving Rain" tour. The poster measures ~34" tall x ~22" wide. The poster is lightly wrinkled from age and storage over the last thirteen years.

This poster is not for sale separately, sorry.

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