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Gallery Photos of the North Coast Music Special Edition HCT-500/1 Contemporary Beatle Basses In Stock on

North Coast Music is offering a special edition of the HCT-500/1 Beatle Bass that should satisfy the needs of all Beatle fans. Our special edition includes:
  • A set of LaBella Deep Talkin' Bass flat wound strings installed on the bass. These are the very strings reportedly used by Sir Paul himself (see photo above).
  • A set of vintage style gold topped tea cup knobs to replace the black knobs normally installed on HCT-500/1 basses (see photo above).
  • A pair of genuine German Hofner creme plastic strap buttons to replace the standard HCT-500/1 metal strap buttons (see photo above).
  • A vintage poster of Paul McCartney from his 2002 Driving Rain concert tour is also included.
The HCT-500/1 Hofner Contemporary Beatle Bass is produced in the Orient and is closely modeled after the popular German Hofner V64 model. The Contemporary Series Beatle bass has a spruce plywood top and a maple plywood back. It also features a solid wooden sound block that runs thorough the inside of the body under the pickup area. This sound block tends to increase the string sustain on the Contemporary Series Bass. German made Hofner basses do not have this sound block.

The HCT-500/1 Contemporary Beatle Bass includes a pair of genuine Hofner H511B Hofner Bass staple pickups and surrounds - the same pickup installed in the German made Hofner V62 and V64 Beatle basses. The perloid control panel is also the same used in the production of V62 and V64 basses in Germany.

The bridge, pick guard, and tuners installed on the Contemporary Beatle bass are made in China, but are very close in appearance to the German components.

The German made Hofner V64 and the HCT-500/2 Contemporary Beatle Basses both have a bound neck, zero fret and a cantilevered neck extension that rises away from the body to allow the genuine "Hofner Beatle Bass guitar strap" to be used.

Available at option is the tweed vinyl covered hardshell case shown below. This is the same case supplied with German Hofner Beatle basses.

We are sorry, but we are sold out at this time. We have more on order at Hofner and hope to receive more in mid May.

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