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Vox Amp Parts

Contact North Coast Music Via eMail

This "Contact North Coast Music" page has been provided for the sole purpose of asking questions about items sold at North Coast Music. Please read the following FAQs prior to emailing your questions.

"Do you have this item" questions -  Please use this easy to use, self service search link to immediately check the availability of any item at North Coast Music. I only offer the parts found using our Search page. If you don't find the part using our Search page, I do not have either the part or a source to suggest.

Please review this list of commonly requested items I cannot supply or suggest a source:

  • North Coast Music will no longer be producing chrome trolleys and stands for Vox amps and organs. Most models are already sold out. Please click here to view the only models that remain in stock.
  • I can offer no source for the three position rotary power switches used on Thomas (US) Vox amp heads
  • I have never offered reissue Vox Berkeley Cabinets, Trolleys or Head Clamps
  • I have no parts for vintage Vox guitars
  • I do not offer replacement front or rear panels for Vox cabinets
  • I do not have power cords or "Z" stands for Vox Organs
  • Vox Cabinets built by North Coast Music - The only Vox reissue cabinets offered by North Coast Music are those shown in our web site. These cabinets are only offered exactly as shown and described in the web site. We offer no modifications to the published descriptions and specifications of these cabinets, including changes to the input jacks, hardware, vinyl or grill color. We offer no special order or custom Vox cabinets.

    Questions About Vintage Vox Gear - The only information I offer regarding vintage Vox gear will be found in our Vox Showroom historical website. I won't be willing to respond to specific and individual questions regarding your vintage Vox gear, offer service advice on vintage Vox amps (or new Vox amps purchased elsewhere), tell you how old your amp is, or offer formal or informal appraisals of your vintage Vox gear.

    May I Pick Up My Order At Your Facility? - I do not allow customer pickups, even if you live in the local area, sorry. Everything we offer is shipped either by US Mail, FedEx or UPS.

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