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Schematics for Vox Organs and the Univox J6, J7 and J10 Keyboard

  • X-Ref - Thomas/Vox Transistor List and Field Replacement Chart - Helpful in repairing Vox transistorized amps and organs.

  • Theory of Operation -- Vox Continental Transistor Portable Organ / Double and Single Type - This is an engineering "white paper" written by the staff at Vox in Dartford Kent during 1964 to explain the electronic design of the Continental organs. This paper systematically explains each of the subsystems that combine to make a complete organ. It explains troubleshooting techniques, tuning, and repair and maintenance issues. This four page document speaks in "plain English" and will be helpful to any owner of a Continental Organ. Continental Organ (pack of four pages, printed matter, no schematics)

  • V301J/V301E- Single Continental Organ, UK or Italian Models - (pack of six schematics) Covers tone generators, power supply, keyboard keying, drawbars, and vibrato circuits. This is the package of service information that was provided by Thomas Organ from 1964 to 1969 to US service centers to repair single manual Continental organs made in the UK and Italy. These schematics do not apply to the V301H "California Continental," which was made by Thomas Organ at Sepulveda during 1966-67, see below..

  • V301H - "Sepulveda, California" Single Continental Organ (pack of three schematics) I have spent over twenty hours completely remastering and clarifying these schematics. This offering of the V301H schematic package includes complete the cross reference information (including specific common replacement part numbers) for all the transistors and diodes used in this organ. Thomas Organ did not provide this information on the original schematic, this information was added exclusively by North Coast Music. Covers tone generators, power supply, drawbars, and vibrato circuits.

  • V303J/V303E - Continental II or Super Continental Organ (pack of four schematics) Covers tone generators, power supply, keying, vibrato, and drawbar circuits.

  • V304 - Jaguar Organ

  • V305 - Continental Baroque (12 pages)

  • TMO/030 - 1971 Continental II w/Hammond style Percussion Not commonly distributed in the US.

  • ICC/035 - Continental 300/301

  • Univox - Jennings Univox keyboard J6, J7, and J10 Not commonly distributed in the US.

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