Export Postage for Vox Schematics

Schematics are sent via air mail to addresses outside the United States.

We charge $3.00 postage for each schematic to be mailed internationally, and all schematics are sent the next business day via air mail. I do not email schematics.

Here is how to order:
Choose the schematics you wish to purchase and add them to the shopping cart.

After you have chosen your schematics, click on the link in the shopping cart that says "RING ME OUT." After you fill out your address info, you will come to a purple box with two fields to complete for international shipments. Enter 3.00 for one schematic, 6.00 for two schematics, or 9.00 for three schematics in the "Quoted Price" area. Do not put a dollar sign in front of the dollar amount. In the "Password" area, type Phantom and nothing else. You must have a large letter "P" on the word Phantom. Continue to check out, and your schematics will be sent the next day by US Air Mail. Expect delivery in less than two weeks.

You may close this page to continue with your order.

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