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Before you email North Coast Music, please take a few moments to review the following Frequently Asked Questions. I do not respond to emails that are answered by the FAQs.

FAQ1) I am looking for a part (including trolleys, cabinets, nameplates, etc) not offered in the North Coast Music web site. Do you have this part? If you don't, can you tell me where I can find it?
A) I only have the Vox amp parts shown in this web site. I have no sources for parts not offered here.

FAQ2) I am interested in one of the Vox reissue cabinets, but I would like a few modifications. May I have a different speaker jack? Will you build me a cabinet not shown in your web site?
A) The Vox reissue cabinets shown in the Vox Amp Parts web site are only offered as shown and described in the web site. We offer no modifications to the web site descriptions of the cabinets. There are also no special order cabinets, I only offer those specific models shown in the Vox Amp Parts web site.

FAQ3) How old is my Vox amp? How much is my Vox amp worth? I have noticed that your Vox Showroom website does not include a "Contact" page so may I ask questions about my vintage Vox gear using the Vox Amp Parts or North Coast Music email contact pages?
A) Please limit your questions to items offered for sale in the Vox Amp Parts web site.

All of the knowledge about Vox gear that I offer may be found in the Vox Showroom web site. Please feel free to research this web site for answers to your questions about Vox gear.

I am sorry, there just isn't enough time in the day to personally address the hundreds of specific and individual Vox questions I receive every month.

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