Swivel Trolley Stand - Vox AC-50 "Big Box" Speaker Enclosure

AC-50 "Big Box" Swivel Stand
AC-50 "Big Box" Speaker Swivel Stand - Complete Set - Accommodates cabinets ~33" wide by ~22" tall.

Includes the following:
  • Three piece chrome plated tubular stand
  • Two hand wheels with the Vox logo
  • Two cabinet swivel mounts
  • Four swivel casters
  • Four caster inserts installed into the stand bases

    Screws to mount the stand to the cabinet varied in production so they are not included.

    This is a discontinued item. As of only ten of these AC-50 "Big Box" trolleys remain in stock. Once these have sold, we will no longer be offering this trolley.

    Price: $439.99 USD
    Continental US Shipping: $40
    Part #: NCM-094

    Click here to a purchase an AC-50 "Big Box" trolley from the North Coast Music Reverb store

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