Vox "Giant Sounds" Guitar Flyer - Vox Sound Equipment Ltd Era - 1969 - Page 2
A full view of the gategold (upper image) and a close up of the left side of the Vox "Giant Sounds" four page guitar flyer.

In a 1968 Beat Instrumental magazine article reporting the acquisition of Vox by Vox Sound Equipment Limited from JMI, Vox sales manager Reg Clark reported that the Vox guitar line had swelled to an unwieldly number of models during the JMI ownership era. Clark indicated that Vox would soon be trimming back the number of guitar models offered by Vox. This catalog shows the results of this thinning of the range.

The new line featured just five acoustics (Vox V.G. Jumbo, Vox Folk 12, Vox Folk 12 Electric, Vox Six String Country and Western and Vox Six String Country and Western Electric V), three six string electrics (the Gretsch inspired Vox V.G.6, Gibson inspired Vox Lynx and Mosrite inspired Vox Bulldog), one twelve string electric (Vox V.G.12), and two basses (Vox V.G.4 and Vox Cougar).

My thanks to Martin Kelly for contributing the scans of this catalog to the Vox Showroom.



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