Jennings Organ Company - 1956 Price List
Prior to building world class guitar amplifiers, Tom Jennings designed and marketed home and church console organs out of his Dartford Kent UK facility. This price list, dated November 1956, was printed less than a year before Tom Jennings became aware of Dick Denney's marvelous 15 watt guitar amplifier. Before the decade ended, the Jennings organ line would be joined by a series of guitar amps manufactured under the Vox brand name.

The headquarters for the Jennings Organ Company (1950? - 1956), Jennings Musical Industries (1957 - 1967) and Jennings Electronic Industries (1968 - 1973) were located at 117-119 Dartford Road in Dartford Kent UK. After Jennings Electronic Industries closed in 1973, a former JMI employee named Alan Pyne opened a guitar amp repair shop at this address.

Pyne had accumlated boxes of old JMI documents. He stored these in the attic of the Dartford Road facility. After becoming ill, Pyne closed his shop in 1993. All of the old JMI paperwork remained trapped in the attic.

I collected much of the material you see in this web site (including this price sheet) from the attic of the prior JMI facility on 117-119 Dartford Road on August 6, 1994. New proprietors were operating a disco sound and light retail operation at the address of the old JMI and Pyne location. I was allowed into the attic to remove the documents that Pyne had left behind. What I didn't take in 1994 was removed six years later by Jim Elyea while researching his excellent book, "Vox Amplifiers, the JMI Years."



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